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Cover Song Music Distribution

Our industry leading cover song distribution service will make your music more popular and make you a bigger name in the music industry.
We distribute cover songs worldwide across platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. Your cover song will be available on over 200 platforms worldwide.

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Global Distribution cover songs for your — forever.

Do you want to release cover song?
Cover songs are the new path of music industry. Many people are interested in them these days. If artists can release a good cover song, they can get more exposure than ever and attract more listeners too. That’s why many artists create many cover songs.
However, many artists have not clearly defined a way to release cover song yet. Besides, there are more issues around a cover song than a new song created by you. We will help you resolve those stressful concerns if you want us to distribute your cover song.
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Best Distributor for Cover Songs

As a digital artist, you can now create your cover catalog with New Music’s world-class distribution service.
Your cover songs are worth more if they’re on all the big digital music platforms. New Music top charges a small fee of $0 to process, license and ship your cover song to all platforms. We only earn when you do it - as a small percentage of your digital income. Thus, you have an easy way to create your cover catalog

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Distribute a cover song easily and profitably

Finally, you can distribute your cover songs on the world’s top music distribution platforms. And we’ll get those cover songs properly licensed — for the rest of your life. From there, we’ll automatically pay mechanical royalties to the composers.
We help cover songwriters protect their music and increase revenue.

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